Why Yes, Yes I Would Love to Have a Girl

Why Yes, Yes I would love to have a Daughter

While I could write a post about a hundred things that make being a boy mom completely perfect for me, this is the answer to the question that I get almost anytime I see someone and they realize that I have 4 sweet boys.

Why Yes, Yes I Would Love to Have a Girl

And here is why:


Ryan has 4 minions. I would like one of my own.


I need someone who will say “EWW” with me when the boys pee from the tree, or make diarrhea jokes, or eat their earwax.

all boy


When it comes to family votes, I will always be outvoted unless moms vote counts as 6. When we go to the movies and it comes to picking between Cinderella and X-Men, I will always lose the battle!


Because shopping for boys clothing is almost depressing. I always catch my eyes wandering to the thousands of rows of adorable girls clothes.


My husband absolutely loves to make me uncomfortable by descriptively discussing with our oldest how to wear a cup. I would love nothing more than to make him feel uncomfortable by discussing bra-wearing with a daughter in front of him.


I either seriously need someone on my team in a fart contest, or I need someone to hang out with me in a different room during the gas battle.

superhero meeting

While I love having superhero wrestle time, sometimes I think a princess tea party break would be refreshing.


I would love to have someone to share clothes, shoes, and jewelry with.


Ryan needs a girl who can wrap him around her little pinky.


As much as people complain about it, I would love to go prom dress/hair/makeup/shoes shopping with a daughter. Same goes for wedding shopping.


I would be better at teaching a girl to shave her legs than teaching a boy how to put on a jock strap.


I have little fashion sense. Maybe a girl could help me out there.

mud lovin

And there are several other “real” and less joking reasons that I think having a girl would be amazing. Things like- it seems that girls are more likely to regularly talk to their moms after high school than boys are. And when my sons get married the role of “greatest female influence” will shift from me, to their wife. After a daughter gets married, their mom can still play that role. I will be giving their hearts to another woman.


I am not a girl mom.

God did not make me a girl mom.

Just like he didn’t make me a professional athlete, or brain surgeon, or model. He made me, ME.

It has taken me awhile to get over the fact. And sometimes I do feel sad when I think of what I might be missing out on, but since I’ve realized that God gave me a very special job of being a boy only mom, I can be nothing other than thankful.

why yes, yes i would love a daughter 1

He made me a boy mom and I personally think that is just great! So while I can imagine all the fun that people have with their girls, I am getting to have quadruple fun with my boys. And I can’t think of anything better than that. One day I will get my girls, and I plan on raising my boys in such a way that they will choose great ones, but more importantly, I plan to raise them so that great girls will choose them!