We Got Married to Drive Each Other Crazy

Please tell me that you and your spouse have these constant battles?? (and yes, I am the offender on several of these)

  • This toothpaste. toothpasteI mean really, please squeeze from the bottom.  And put the lid back on.  And clean up the mess.


  • When you drool on MY pillow


  • Really??empty toilet paper What am I going to do with ONE sheet of toilet paper??


  • Getting to my downtime in the evening, only to discover that you allowed the TV remote to get lost sometime throughout the day.


  • NOO! You drive it, you fill it! ON EMPTYHere’s to running even later…


  • Knowing that you actually hear what I say, but your first response is still “HUH.”


  • The “kinda clean” mega pile of clothes on the floor.kinda clean clothes pile It will just end up in the dirty laundry anyways…eventually…


  • Watching/hearing/smelling/acknowledging you clipping your toenails


  • Having a conversation in the car, and you turning up the volume on sports talk radio in the middle of my sentence.


  • Oh…the hope bubble that builds and then is just murdered when I find an almost empty milk jug in the fridge. So much for cereal and milk this morning.EMPTY MILKJUST DRINK IT ALL. DON’T PUT IT BACK!


  • Being “out of groceries” for over a week, especially when we have money for groceries. Just admit that all you want to “cook” is sandwiches!


  • Being crop dusted/dutch oven/burning my nostrils with the gas that you expel from your body.


  • The living room is not your shoe closet!  shoesAnd lining your shoes on the fireplace doesn’t magically make it better.


  • When the kids “just so happen” to wake up early on THE ONLY mornings I get to sleep late. I swear you wake them up on purpose.


  • Every time you say “OK” in response to an important (to me) text message. I might as well have married a robot.  OK And let’s just add your “I don’t care” response when I ask what you want for supper. EVERYTIME I ASK. If you don’t care, then sandwiches it is!


  • Going on a date, and you decide to speed walk. Which leaves me either trying to run in heels, or walk behind you like a child.


  • And finally, the next time you try to kill me by leaving the cabinet doors open, I’m going to report you.


Ryan and I are truly thankful for each other.  The things that drive us nuts are a lot of the things we laugh about and that make life fun.  We would probably either be really super boring, or entirely too much alike if we didn’t drive each other crazy!


One thought on “We Got Married to Drive Each Other Crazy

  1. Kimberly Hamel says:

    My husband and I do the same things! He is in the Army so I have to say ‘JUSTIN the front room isn’t a place for all your Army crap!’ He also loves to leave empty gallon of milk in the fridge or the case of beer that magically doesn’t have any beer inside of it is still in the fridge. I really do love him I was smiling the entire time I wrote this.

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