The Man Sleeping in the Recliner

ReclinerEvery night, it seems, that as I walk through the living room getting my kids, my house, or myself ready for bed, that I will glance over and see a man sleeping in a blue or tan recliner.

It isn’t uncommon for this man to be holding a sleeping 2 year old, or wide awake 5 year old, or an ESPN-watching 8 year old in his lap.

In the past it also wasn’t uncommon to find myself extremely annoyed at this sleeping man. Rude even.

“It’s time for bed!” I would snap.


“This is the last time I’m waking you up to come to bed.” I would grumble at him as I pry a child out of his arms to go lay in their own bed.

“Lazy.” I would think to myself. “He falls asleep every night before he even gets in bed. Why does he think he is so exhausted? I’m tired too. Why does he lack the self control to hold it off until his head actually hits the pillow?”

Sadly, it took me several years to realize why.

Because he is exhausted. Because he is busy, dedicated, and committed. Because he is a godly man.

He is the head of our house. And he puts everything he has into his kids and his wife. He leaves at 6am for work to financially provide and when he gets home in the afternoon, he immediately gets to hear all about his wife’s boring but oh-so-important day. And he listens.

When he gets home in the afternoon, he shows enjoyment in tickling his 2 year old, wrestling his 5 year olds, and volunteer coaching his 8 year old in whichever sport he is playing.

When he gets home in the afternoon, he does his share of discipline, reads with his 1st grader, teaches his sons respect, how to help others, and work ethic.

When he gets home in the afternoon, he does laundry, and goes on a walk with his family or does whichever honey-do that his wife requests.

This “busyness” continues, until supper time when he helps to set the food out and then leads a prayer to thank God for everything he has provided the family.

This “busyness” continues until he wrestles 4 dirty boys into the shower, wrestles some more, and then finally sits down, in his recliner, exhausted, and it is finally time to say bedtime prayers.

He invests himself into his wife and kids, often without any thanks or acknowledgement.  And at night, he is exhausted.

Not because he has spent his time and energy being busy with unfulfilling things that don’t matter, but because he has given of himself, all day long, being busy with things that do.

And now, at nights, I couldn’t be more grateful for that exhausted, godly man, sleeping in the recliner.

Over the years, I have taken many, many pictures of that exhausted man sleeping. I always get a good giggle out of how tired he is. But now, I realize that those pictures are just proof of how hard he works, and how much he pours into his family, and I am so, so thankful.

And yes, I posted some of the pictures, because gosh I just love him!! 😊

TheManSleepingintheRecliner2 TheManSleepingintheRecliner TheManSleepingintheRecliner3

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  1. Sheree Montgomery says:

    You are so on target! Well said and so easy it was to think of those same type moments but with fresh eyes and new perspective!

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