The Day My View of Weddings Changed

The Day My View of Weddings ChangedWhen I was little, I was a flower girl in a couple of weddings. Back then, I just thought weddings were pretty. Pretty flowers, pretty dresses, pretty girls. Just pretty.

As I began growing up, I would start putting myself in the bride’s shoes. What would my wedding be like? Who would I marry? Who would my bridesmaids be? What would my dress look like?

After I myself got married, I would go to weddings and reflect on my own marriage. I knew what it meant to be married. I would think about my husband. I would remember the feeling of being the bride.  I would think about how excited the bride must be. How nervous. Unsure of what the future would hold as her role would change to wife instead of girlfriend.

This week, that all changed. This week, I realized that I am relating less to the bride, and more to someone else.

This week, I was at a wedding and I watched the family being escorted in. It was the typical walk in—the sweet great-grandparents, followed by grandparents, siblings, and then boom– the mother of the bride walked in.

I thought to myself “Oh she looks gorgeous! I wonder if the grooms or brides moms stress over their diet, hair, nails, and dress before their child’s wedding…” Then it hit me. I got the chills. One day I will be that mom. I will be the mom watching as her son gets married. I will be the one giving his heart to another woman.

I will be the one spending hours praying over my son’s wedding. I will be the one who hopes the bride will involve me. Hoping that I get to be there to watch her pick a dress. Watch her take bridal pictures. Help decorate. That young bride will be the girl I have prayed for, for years and years.

Someday it will be my time to be that mom.

And I feel that time closing in on me. I know it is still years away. But years turn to months, which turn to weeks, which turn to days, to hours, to minutes. It will be here before I know it.

I’ve never put much thought into it. I knew that the moms spend time on the wedding, but now I’m realizing that the moms spend years on the marriage itself. They spend years pouring their love, kindness, discipline, into that future bride or groom. Years are spent investing into their child’s future marriage.

And I realized as I watched that mom walk down the aisle this week that much more goes into preparing for your child’s wedding than just hair, nails, makeup, dresses and diets. I am preparing my child right now. My husband and I are raising him to be a husband, friend, servant, lover and more.

So while my time to be that mom may seem distant, I know that what I am doing right now will have a lasting impact on who my son will become when it is his turn to walk the aisle.

5 thoughts on “The Day My View of Weddings Changed

  1. Kim says:

    While this post made my heart drop a little (my boy is about to turn 8 next week), I love the perspective you are taking. What a beautiful thing to witness now at weddings. The heart behind it all – great post!

  2. Belle says:

    Beautifully written. I’ve never thought of it this way until I read your post. But that’s true, whatever we, the parents, are doing right now will have a lasting effect on who our kids are going to be when they’re older. And I can only hope that they will grow up to be matured and responsible adults with a grateful heart.

    One Awesome Momma

  3. Suzanne Hines says:

    Oh my word…this is so accurate! My oldest is only two, but I’m already thinking ahead to the day when she will be grown and leaving the nest! And now I’m expecting our first son, and I will do my best to raise him up into a man that treasures a woman just like his Daddy does.
    I loved this post!

  4. Heather | says:

    I am right there with you. I have three daughters and one son and I know that my eldest daughter is going to be getting married within the next few years. I am excited but it breaks my heart at the same time…does that make any sense? LOL

  5. Falon says:

    My son is only two, but I am a wedding planner so I have definitely already thought about this moment! It makes me a little sad, but mostly hopeful that he will be marrying someone he truly loves and will be happy with.

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