Teachers, I am Praying for You

Teachers I Am Praying

I have 4 kids.

My oldest is extremely competitive. Sometimes to the point of doing almost anything to win. We are working with him on learning how to win humbly and honestly, and how to lose while keeping his head held high.

My second son is very outgoing and goofy. He loves friends and entertaining people. He also can have a bit of a mouth on him and gets angry easily.

My third is often withdrawn and likes playing alone. He is sensitive, but still extremely strong willed. He doesn’t need other people to make him happy, and bribes rarely work on him.

My fourth is still developing a personality, but he seems to be quite a mixture of my first 3, and more.

I said all that to say this: I only have 4 kids. And they are all very different. Now, don’t get me wrong, they do have similarities, but they are very different people with different personalities.

I can only imagine a teacher, trying to teach a classroom full of 20 or 30 completely different personalities. No two kids are the same. No two kids learn the exact same. No two kids respond to punishment the same. Because they are different.

Teachers have a hard, but rewarding job. They have to teach on all different levels. They have to discipline on all different levels. They have to love in different ways.

If there is anything I want my kids teachers to know, it’s this.

I am praying for you.

I pray that you will be able to show love, while demanding a well deserved respect.

I pray that you will be a light to the kids who live in a dark world.

I pray that you are able to do more than teach. That you will be able to care, comfort, and protect the hearts of the kids you interact with.

I pray that my kids respect you, trust you, and love you back.

I pray for your family. I pray for your kids, for your spouse, for your home, for your health.

I pray for you as you’re spending extra hours working on lesson plans, or having extra tutorials with students who may be struggling. As you’re devoting time outside of school to extra curricular activities, or watching your students participate in events that they love.

I pray that your students will acknowledge and enjoy all the work you put into making your room perfect.

I pray for your heart on those hard days.

I pray that you have a strong support system for those draining days when you have given everything you have, and then the kids ask you to give more.

I pray for you to know the words to say as you celebrate your students accomplishments and comrort them during their disappointments.

I pray that the parents of the kids you teach will realize that you are both on the same team.

I pray for your administration, and Co-workers, that you may not have any big work related disagreements, but will work together, on the same page, serving the kids and helping each other.

I pray that the kids you teach will realize that teaching is more than just a job for you. It is a ministry. Your ministry.

I pray that you will realize just how important you are. How appreciated you are. How loved you are.

I pray for you to know that I see you. That I am thankful for you. And that I am praying for you.



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