Old dresser with a new purpose


Old Dresser, New function


I was given an old dresser that was still very pretty, but not in good shape. Cosmetically it was appealing but functionally it was lacking. The drawers were falling apart and the sides and bottom were loose/falling off. Instead of trying to repair it, I set a goal to recreate it and try to use EVERY piece of wood that came with it. This is my first project.

dresser before

Finished product

I have been wanting to create a nice and usable laundry room space. One where we can put our bags/jackets/shoes when we come in and not trek mud through the house or forget where we put our bags. I’ve seen several projects where people use bookshelves to make a bench and use as storage in the laundry room. I figured- hey! This dresser could totally be transformed into something like that! Looking at the different options I decided to cut a portion of the bottom off, and leave just the top drawer. This created both a drawer and a cubby type space.

This is what it looked like after I cut the bottom off. Underneath we use to put dirty shoes and boots. Also I have some baskets underneath that I will use for dirty laundry if I have unexpected company and there are clothes on the laundry floor.



I also wanted something that could be used to hang things on. I thought about just sticking a drawer face up on the wall and saying Voila! But that looked too plain. I desired something that could also pair as a decoration. Sooo I figured I could use both drawer faces that I removed and make a shelf. (This was the hard part) It was hard because I only had a hand saw to cut with. This is how it turned out though.


Thankfully It was all white and therefore I didn’t have to paint any. Also, I was able to hide my screws so I didn’t need to figure out a way to cover them up.

Here’s How

Here is a more step by step and list of what we need

What you need:

Old dresser

Saw (All I had was a hand saw)

Drill and drill bits



Tape measure

Caulk & Paint if needed

For bench

First take the back off the dresser and take out whatever drawers that you are not going to be using.

Then mark and cut the whole dresser wherever you wish. Mine I cut right above where the bottom drawer would be. *Make sure its level

If bench is unstable, use a drawer bottom, or piece you have removed to screw into the sides at the back and stabilize the bench.

Paint if desired.

Your bench is done! Yay!


For shelf:

Take knobs off of a drawer face and use a drill to screw them into just one drawer face. (This is up to you, I used 3 knobs- I added 1 to the middle. But you can put as many/few as you’d like)

The hanger part of your shelf is done!

You will use the drawer face that you added knobs to, and one other drawer face for this next part.


Hold the 2 drawer faces in a 90 degree angle with the shelf part to where it will lay on top of the face with knobs.

Cut a piece of cardboard that will act as a template for a brace between the two faces.

Cut 2 braces and drill and screw into the shelf face, and the face with knobs. (sand these afterwards)

Anchor your whole shelf into the studs in a wall. (We used screws and went all the way through the back part of the shelf.)


Paint and Caulk if needed

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