Kid friendly DIY Fall Decor

fall decor

Here are 2 fall décor ideas that your kids can help you with.

The first is just a fall decorated canvas with letters made from sticks.

What you need:

Canvas, fall decorating leaves, hot  glue, burlap, staples, sticks, and little fall decorations (optional).

First I shoe polished (it was left over from the vase) and colored my white canvas a brown color. I just didn’t want a bright white shining through the holes in the burlap.

Next I covered my canvas with burlap. I just wrapped it around and stapled it to the back.  I would have preferred to just buy a burlap canvas, but I didn’t have one. So if you do, then more power to ya!

Then I hot glued fall colored leaves around the edges. My 6 year old loves to use hot glue! Supervised of course.

stick canvas

Now, have your kids go gather some sticks and twigs.   Wash the dirt off and let them dry, or if you’re not patient like me, then you can use a hair dryer to dry them. Brock did mine for me.

Hot glue the sticks onto your canvas to spell whatever word you would like. I considered spelling “welcome” but it was too long.stick canvas

Add some extra fall décor to a corner and you’re done!

stick canvas

I hung mine above this shelf I made.  The vase we make next is also on the shelf.

fall decor



The next one is the old school faux-leather looking vase.

I remember making one of these when I was in elementary school way back when. Camden and Ryder had a great time doing this one!

What you need:

Can or jar, masking tape, shoe polish, rag

Wash your can and tear the paper off of your can. Make sure your can is completely dry. Now you’re ready to tape. I covered the rim with masking tape myself to prevent one of the boys to get their fingers cut.








Tear off small pieces of tape and put on the outside of the can. I tore the tape and let the boys put it on themselves. The less perfect, the better.

Use shoe polish and cover the masking tape, rubbing it in with a rag. You can make it as dark or as light as you like depending on how much polish, and how much you rub.


Dry and use as a flower vase or pencil holder or whatever suits you!

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