Heart Wall Collage

I am a picture fanatic. I mean, I have done pictures at JCP for EVERY milestone for ALL FOUR of my kids! I’m sure that my family and Ryan’s family all think I over do it! But I am sure one day, I will be more than thankful to have all these little memories of my kids. Actually, I already am thankful that I have so many pictures.

I have been looking for a way to display a lot of the pictures we have taken over the years, without cluttering my living room walls. I found a heart collage idea on another website, and thought I would throw in some wall decorations also!


Here is a step by step on how I did it, along with some things that didn’t work for me!

First, buy your wall décor and print out your pictures.

Lay it out how you want it and measure it to make sure it will fit on the wall!!- I did several different tries before I got it right. The first time I did it, it was like 80in by 65in. TOO BIG!


Count your pictures and buy that many frames. I used these from Walmart.

Frame the pictures (It actually takes awhile…I had to trim all 39 pictures)

OK now for the tricky part—

I wanted all my pictures to be the same distance apart. At first I tried to cut out paper to use as a template, tape it on the wall, and hammer in the nails. I quickly found that several of my (handcut) templates were 1/16th inch off, and it quickly added up and I ended up being ¼ inch off! Not cool!

Sooo what I did, was start with my longest middle row.


I used 2 of the templates to put up the middle two pictures, and measured how far apart my NAILS were and how far from the ceiling. Then I just went down the whole row. The nail holes were 5 5/8in apart and 25 5/8in from the ceiling. Then I moved up to the next row and did the same thing. Used the template for the middle in that row, and measured the distance apart- this time they were landscape, so the nails were 7 1/2in apart. It got easier as I went. Just for each row, start with the middle picture, tape the template, and then measure the nail holes as you move to the outside of the row.

I kept all my portrait layout pictures 5 5/8 in apart and the landscape pictures were all 7 1/2in apart throughout the entire collage.

I love how it looks! And it isn’t cluttering my living room. It is in a hallway that is visible from the living room, but it won’t be a cluttery focal point!


And wish me luck on keeping my sweet 1 year olds hands off of the bottom rows!  Right now, he is loving pointing to himself in the pictures!