Fun with Felt- Halloween Activity

fun with felt

For this you need



Needle and thread

Small pom poms, pipe cleaners, googly eyes, any little things that could be used to make monster faces.


Stuffing (we just used toilet paper, but you can use napkins or paper or real stuffing…anything will work)


This is such a super easy activity that my kids absolutely loved! I think a big reason they loved it was that they got to use a needle for something other than getting out splinters!

Basically you just draw what shape you are wanting to create onto felt- for Brock (age 6) I drew out a ghost shape, the twins (age 4) I just drew a plain rectangle. I didn’t want to get too fancy because I didn’t want them to get frustrated.

fun with felt

Have your kids cut out the shape and then trace it again on a second piece of felt and cut again. You will have a front and back side.

This is how Ryder’s looked like after he cut it out. He got a little scissor crazy and cut through the middle. We stitched it up, so it worked perfect for a Frankenstein face!

fun with felt

Let your kids sew the shapes together around the edges. I put dots on the felt for Ryder and Camden so that they would know where to sew. I told them to just do one after another. They did a great job! Brock didn’t need dots, and he did his pretty much 100% by himself! All I did was thread the needle.

fun with feltfun with feltfun with felt

Right before its sewn all the way around, stuff it. Finish sewing around and tie a good knot!



Decorate to look like monsters, ghosts, witches, your choice. A Jack-O-Lantern would be fun too!

I also made a felt hand spider puppet!

Enjoy spending time crafting with your kids. Let them do most the work and they will be so proud of what they can create!

fun with felt