DIY Inexpensive Grandparent or Great-Grandparent Gift Ideas

Today I wanted to post some of my favorite inexpensive grandparent or great-grandparent gift ideas.


Multi-generational picture:

This one is pretty easy. You just buy a frame and print off a picture of the youngest generation. Have their parent hold the frame and take a picture. Print, and reframe. Have the next generation hold the frame and take a picture, and so on. I did mine in 8X10, but I think it would look great as 11X13 also. I ended up editing it some on Microsoft Word because the smaller pictures got a little blury. And I printed the final picture in black and white and framed it using the same frame that was in the pictures. Total cost was around $14 ($3 for each print and $2 for the frame- all from Walmart)

This was the one I used as an example, and here is how the two I did for our grandpa’s turned out!

Generation Photo Grandparents GiftGeneration Photo Grandparent Gift









Photo Tiles:

I LOVE these! I prefer doing mine in black and white using porous tiles. I’ve also done it on the plain flat tiles, but I like the ones with more personality! Here is the tutorial:

This is how a few of mine have turned out.  photo tiles Grandparent Gift

For Valentine’s Day one year, I did them using pictures of my kids each holding a letter to spell out the word LOVE. I’ve printed in color too and they turn out great also!


Large photo tiles:

These are a little more decorative and take up more space. I just modge podged some Large Photo Tile Giftscrapbook paper pieces onto a 12X12 tile from Lowes. Then I modge podged a picture on top and added letters and flower décor. Drilled holes into the tile and used a ribbon/wire combo to make a hanger. This is the one I did for myself, but I also did these for the grandmas spelling out NANA and GRANNA instead of family.




Photo words:

This one is easy, cheap, and cute. Just snap some pics of your kids holding whatever letters you want them to spell out. We have done POPPA, PAPA, and DADDY. Print using the 1 hr photo at Walmart, cut to size, and stick into a long narrow frame.


Stepping Stones:

These are the PERFECT keepsake gift! I just buy the mix and mold sets from Michaels. I also really like this one!  It is 12 inches across which is a great size for handprints and glass decorations on the border. Follow the instructions and then press your kid’s hands in to make the indention. Make sure it’s not too runny, or the handprint will fade. These look great in flowerbeds. I have actually fit 5 handprints in one of these!  Stepping Stone Grandparent GiftStepping Stone Grandparent Gift


Photo Flower Pots:

Buy a terra cotta flower pot and paint it white. Print pictures on regular paper in black and white. Cut and modge podge onto the pot. I also sprayed mine with sealer before I gave them to grandmas. This was my example, and here is how mine turned out.

photo flower pot for grandmas

Handprint/Footprint art:

Google handprint or footprint art and you will find tons of cute ideas!  We’ve made angels, reindeers, flowers, etc.


These plates:

Super fun for Christmas

mistletoes grandma christmas gift


Handprint aprons:

I almost finished this… My mom gave me a sewing machine and so for Christmas I made her an apron. I did cut outs of my kids handprints, but ran out of time to actually put them on the apron…maybe some day.

If you want to take a shortcut, just buy a cute apron instead of sewing it and then put your kids handprint cutouts on it.



I’ve done all of these, they are easy, quick go-to ideas if I’m running short on time!