cloud doh snowman

This was seriously a fun activity! Almost as fun as the cornstarch and water mixture. I actually like this one better because it is less messy and easier to clean up. My kids loved it!

I wanted to make some kind of at home playdoh this afternoon. I found several recipes for “cloud dough” but they all called for baby oil or vegetable oil. I don’t have 1+ cup of baby oil- that kinda seemed like a lot. And the thought of playing in vegetable oil kinda grosses me out. I have recently bought a tub of coconut oil though, so I figured “Hey! Coconut oil is good for everything, Riightt?” Right! It totally worked! Left the boys hands soft, and unlike baby oil, it would be totally safe if they were to have taken a bite.

Also, everything I found seemed to say it is difficult to make it colored. Well I was able to easily color mine. Here’s what we did!

cloud dough

You need: flour, coconut oil, food coloring

I used about 2 cups of flour and 4-6 spoonful’s of coconut oil for each color. You can make it more or less “dry” by adding or using less coconut oil. Just play with it until you find a consistency you like. Camden liked his more crumbly and Ryder liked his more squishy.

  1. Combine coconut oil and your choice of food coloring in a Tupperware container. I used a spoon so that my hands wouldn’t stay colored. Camden used his hands and they were dyed green for a bit.

cloud dough


2. Add flour and mix with your hands.

3. Play!!

We built the walls of Jericho, snowmen, mountains, and just about whatever the boys wanted to. It was a lot of fun! You can squeeze it together to make it stick, or make it crumbly and more sand like.

cloud dough

cloud doughcloud dough

So. Much. Fun.



NOTE:  food coloring can stain, so make sure to wash those sweet little hands before they run off and play with something else.  Also, I stored mine in a Tupperware container with dividers so I can reuse it.


Ignore my less than professional pictures- I was too busy playing 😉

cloud dough