But This is Why it’s Awesome to be a BOY MOM

Each child is a blessing. Regardless of gender, race, age, size, healthy, not healthy, c-section, adopted, whatever- each and every one is a precious gift. I am so thankful to be a boy mom, and while yesterday my post was about why I think it would be awesome to have a daughter. Today is my reality of that.

This is why it is awesome to be a boy mom.

This is why its awesome to be a boy mom


They love me and tell me about it multiple times a day. I have heard the words “When I grow up, I want to marry you.”


I absolutely adore my husband. I chose to say yes when he asked me to marry him. It completely warms my heart to know that such a great man is the role model for my little loves. They want to grow up to be exactly like him- they want to grow up to be good daddy’s.

daddys mini me

Even I can’t help but giggle at the poop jokes.


We can seriously get ready to go somewhere in 5 minutes, unless there is pooping involved. Then they all four decide to go, and that adds another 20 minutes.


On the road potty breaks are effortless. They can pee outside while still standing inside a vehicle.


I will get to watch them be leaders in the church. Something just tugs on my heart when I see them leading singing or saying a prayer in front of the church.

leading singing

I am far from high maintenance. I’m not sure I could handle a girly girl.


Hand-me-downs- I think we have only bought Beau like 3 outfits in the last 16 months, and same goes for toys, shoes, and toothbrushes. Just kidding!

sharing a bed

They easily can share a room and bed.


They love shark attack and lion chase YouTube videos. Me too!


mowing the church

They already love to help and serve others through manual labor.


I think that maybe their high energy will rub off on me and keep me young.

mommas helper brock

I stink at housework, and would probably not be great at teaching a daughter to be a housewife. However, the boys like to help me with the “fun” “housewife” chores. For now.

mommas helper

I get to go on dates with my boys, and be their date. Get to teach them how to be gentleman, and watch them try hard to pull the door open for me, or let me order first, or warn me if my soup is too hot.


I was a bit of a tom boy growing up. I loved playing in the mud, and bugs, and animals. I am not uncomfortable joining in on their boyish fun. They love hands on learning, which is my favorite!


I will be their first love. I know that someday, I will not be the primary girl in their life. Their wife will deserve that title, but for now I am the girl they love.


I get to witness “brotherly love.” Like literally.

best friends

They are best friends, and I’m willing to bet that their closest of friends growing up will be each other.


Then there are those “girl things” that I will get to avoid. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about.


Sometimes I feel that the “ideal” family in the eyes of Americans is one that has 2 or 3 children with at least one boy and one girl. This is not my reality, but my reality is perfect for our family and I absolutely love it!

One thought on “But This is Why it’s Awesome to be a BOY MOM

  1. Bekki@a better way to homeschool says:

    Poop. Yep.

    I am the mom of five boys.
    I remember confessing to my best friend that I was sad my last child was a boy. I simply needed to say it allowed once I told her. I was thrilled to be a mom of boys (still am), but I was longing for a little girl. She was so sweet. She listened to my confession and told me the Lord would bless me.

    She then popped in the chick-flick she brought for us to watch while our husbands were out of town.
    The opening song was “Thank Heaven for Little Girls”.

    She stopped the movie quickly and said she was sorry. We stared at each other for a few seconds and then burst out laughing…

    The Lord knew I needed boys:). Wouldn’t trade any of them on most days! Lol! Boys are awesome.

    Keep working right alongside them mom. Boys love that.

    Have them open doors and use their muscles to open things for you. Boys dig that too.

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