Best Tasting and Easy to Make Construction Party Cake

Construction Party Cake

This is one of my favorite cakes! It is very easy to make and tastes amazing! Like no joke, I’m pretty honest when it comes to food, and this cake is great! I’ve done this 3 times- once for Brocks 5th birthday, and twice for Beaus 1st.

This is what you will need

This recipe

Small construction trucks for decorations

Extra oreos that have gone through the food processor (dirt)


Candy Letters- I just bought orange and yellow ones from the store

I used the recipe above, and made the cake in different size pans so that I could layer it. You can pretty much pick whatever size you want. And double the recipe if you are cooking for a big group (plus the leftovers are awesome too).

Cook cakes and let cool.

Make the filling and spread over the entire base cake.

Layer the cake alternating between cake and filling. (the cake is likely to look pretty awful at this point)

Cover entire cake with icing and smooth.

Place trucks, cones, signs, candles, letters etc on the cake where you want.

Construction Birthday

Add oreo crumbs to look like dirt. I generally put oreos all the way around the base (it covers up the icing mess ups) and also put oreo crumbs in the truck beds. Just make it look like a work scene.

Construction Birthday Cake


Gobble it up!

Also, to go with this cake (yes the cake is the important part-ha), this was how I decorated for the actual party. Oriental trading and Birthday Expressions are where I bought some of the decorations and the “Birthday Zone” caution tape.

A few small things I did were (please ignore the low-quality pictures.  It was an old camera)

“FUEL” drinks: Sunny D wrapped in caution tape with FUEL stamped onto a Hexagon and taped on.

Construction party Fuel drinks

“Concrete Mix” cups: to hold the ice cream

I bought orange cones and work hats for all the kids who attended to use as party favors. These also worked great to decorate with before I gave them away!

Construction Birthday

I made a few of my own signs to spell out HAPPY BIRTHDAY BROCK

Construction Birthday

I reused some of the decorations for Beau’s 1st party.