Before You Were Mom


It’s pretty tough sometimes isn’t it?

A lot of decisions.
Hard discussions. And fun ones too.
Forgiveness. A lot of forgiveness.

Girls, when the days are long and you’re going through the trenches of toddlers or up all night with a newborn- or up all night worried for your teenager, don’t forget who you are. Who he fell in love with.

Don’t forget your flirty smile and the way you would laugh at his not so funny jokes. Don’t forget sneaking him a note and chocolate bar. Or sending him a text just to say hi. How you made sure he felt appreciated and needed.
Remember how he fell in love with your passion. Your joy. Your smile.
And be that girl, still.
Remember, before you were momma, you were his first.

And guys, don’t forget her. Don’t forget to love her. How you won her heart. And keep winning her heart. Continue dating her long after she has a ring on her finger.
When the days are long and you come home from work only to find her still in her pajamas, with smeared make up and covered in spit up, find beauty in her warrior body. And tell her. She won’t listen, but she needs to hear.

Remember telling her those silly jokes just to hear her laugh. And how you would brag about your high school days so that you could hear her voice on the other end of the phone.

Watch as the love that fills her heart is being poured out over your children. And know that she loves you still. And one day, all too soon, it will just be the two of you again.

Your quality time may come in the form of conversation when you are in a car and the kids are strapped down. Your time to talk may only be a 5 minute phone call during the babies nap. It may be on the drive to watch a football game or dance recital. And that’s ok.

Dream. Together. Make goals and celebrate when you achieve them.

Follow where God is leading. And listen to His still small voice. Because one day you will look back and ask yourselves “how did we make it through that?” And the answer will be grace. God’s grace.
Enjoy the adventure.

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