12 Selfish Reasons to Breastfeed



I don’t think anyone would argue that breastfeeding is a sacrifice and takes commitment, both of time and self. We all know that it benefits baby, but…

That’s not what this post is about.   After four kids, I learned that I can “milk it for what its worth.” Here are 12 selfish reasons to breastfeed. Hope you enjoy and add your own!

I can use breastfeeding as an excuse to have someone else do some of the hard stuff- I may or may not frequently use the excuse of breastfeeding to have Ryan brush all the boys teeth, or wipe a bottom, and there are days that I am totally down with skipping bathtime! Sometimes Beau just randomly needs to nurse at just the right time to get me out of doing something. Totally by coincidence of course!

I get to sit down- As a mom, there aren’t many moments in the day when I just sit down. Life is always on the go and there is always something to do or someone to take care of. But when breastfeeding, I have an excuse to just sit if I want to. I used to multi-task, and do laundry or clean, or play one armed while nursing using the other. But I also could choose to just sit.

I have curves- This one is self-explanatory. I definitely have a more “womanly” figure when breastfeeding.

I can eat ice cream and feel ZERO guilt!- I am not saying that its ok to use breastfeeding as an excuse to eat unhealthily, but c’mon, those 300 extra calories should definitely go towards some type of treat for yourself!

“Mother nature” gives me a break- Self-explanatory also. I haven’t been “blessed” by mother nature while breastfeeding. I sure enjoy that. And I’m pretty sure that my husband enjoys my lack of mood swings.

I save money- Obviously breastfeeding is semi-free.  (Of course, those extra calories you’re eating do add up!)  Maybe I can convince my husband that I just really need and have earned some extra spending cash.  Probably need to get some new shirts for my milk boobs anyways.

It can be an easy out-  Those awkward moments when your second cousin twice removed wants to hold your screaming baby- You can snatch him back and just politely say “oh I think he is hungry.”  Feel like being an introvert?  Breastfeeding is a great excuse to stay in for a night.

I’m too lazy for bottles- I like being able to just “whip it out” and immediately meet baby’s hunger needs without having any prep or clean up.

If I feel like multitasking, I can do something for myself.- This can be anything from reading a book to watching TV, or checking Facebook. And if I feel like really multi-tasking, I might actually get my make-up put on for the day!

I might forget everything else, but I can’t forget my boobs-  I don’t have to remember to pack my boobs in a diaper bag, or make sure that I have water to mix with, or find an electrical outlet.  They’re just there and they’re ready.

Crying baby quick-fix-  Don’t want to spend a ton of time figuring out what is wrong?  Nurse him.  Now, I realize that nursing isn’t always the answer.  But it sure is an easy fix for those times when you’re exhausted or in public somewhere that a crying infant is frowned upon.  Not to mention, those vaccinations suck!  But nursing sure does calm and help those little owies!  Nursing is good medicine for a little bump or bruise.

He wants ME- It is pretty awesome to know that there is no one who can make my baby happy, or satisfied in the same way I can. I selfishly will take all the cuddles and snuggles and grins that he gives me and only me. I consider it payment.


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10 thoughts on “12 Selfish Reasons to Breastfeed

  1. Sam says:

    I didn’t breastfeed any of my four children and I actually got sick of people saying breast is best and all that but actually reading your selfish reasons to breastfeed post I think that could have actually persuaded me to give it a go!!!

  2. Nina says:

    I was sold with the bigger boobs lol. I’m super flat, and during pregnancy I thought it was great. Then with breastfeeding… well, that was a nice perk! 🙂

  3. Amber says:

    hello! I am 38 and 8.5 months pregnant with my first boy…and my other amazing child is 16…I know, kinda crazy. My husband and I have been together now for over 9 years and tried a very long time for this baby. Anyway, when I had my daughter back in the day, there really was no education and support for new moms who wanted to bf. For the longest time I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to be successful in breastfeeding just like last time. Now I’m pretty convinced that I just wasn’t being supported and educated properly. I’m determined to succeed this time around! Thank you for your blog, it’s very inspiring 🙂

    • Ashley says:

      Yes support is huge!! Having support is what got me through breastfeeding my NICU baby and my twins! I don’t think I could have done it otherwise.
      Wishing you a healthy delivery and a happy breastfeeding experience! Congrats on your little one!

  4. Sara valentine says:

    I breastfed all three of my boys and thank you for this!! I love it because it’s so true the only one I may add is

    If someone is holding your baby or child and you want them back but do not want to seem rude. When you a nursing you can ALWAYS say “is think he/she is a hungry I need to feed them” then you get your baby back and can even leave thar room and have time alone with your baby!

    This I used all the time during Christmas at the in laws 😉

    • Ashley says:

      Yes this is a good one!! Haha I’ve totally used that! Especially in awkward or overwhelming situations!

  5. Lexi says:

    I loved these reasons!!! Can’t wait to share your blog post!! I’m a proud tandem nursing mama of toddlers and my youngest will be two next month. I can think of way more than 8 selfish reasons to breastfeed, but these are the very best!!!!!

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